Wanda Thomas from MadCris Images shares with us how she’s built her photography business from networking and building relationships with people offline and online. She also shares her journey of going from working outside the home to starting her photography business from home. Don’t miss out! Wanda also gives tips on how to build structure in your day as a stay at home mom.

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Wanda Thomas is the owner of MadCris Images, a Philadelphia Based Portrait Studio that specializes in Headshots and Corporate Event Photography. MadCris Images got it’s name after the birth of Wanda’s Second chil, her son, when she found herself unemployed. She shares her life and home with her husband, Fred and two amazing children, Madeline and Cristian,  who inspired Wanda to name her business MadCris Images. After a job loss in 2010 Wanda returned to school taking time to “figure out” her next step, Wanda took lighting courses at the local Community College and spent time at home with her babies, both of which were under 2 years old .  She quickly realized that photography and business were her passion and took jobs that helped gain connections and recognition.

During the five years she grew her business, Wanda photographed 3 sitting Mayors, the Pope, and a few Senators, and still has been home in time to read her kids a bedtime story.   She says: “I know that I am blessed for the business relationships that I have made and nurtured during this time because they have allowed me to provide for my family and do what I love! Being a work from home mom is true blessing.”