Are you a stay-at-home mom who has left your to career to now find yourself wanting to continue to use your God-given gifts, skills, and passions, but don’t know how to translate that into a work-at-home business?

Do you currently have a blog or website but need clarity regarding what direction you should take your blog so that it represents you and your passions?

Do you want some individual input and accountability to really dig deep and find out what those passions or skills are?


If so, our Uniquely You Discovery Workshop is for you!


This workshop will walk you through the 20-page Uniquely You workbook in a community setting that will provide you with accountability, feedback, encouragement and one-on-one coaching.

As part of this workshop you will receive:

(1)    The 20-page Uniquely You workbook which is an incredible tool designed to help you discover how your passions, experiences, skills and talents can translate into a home business or income making opportunity. You’ll receive the workbook download as a PDF.

(2)    Exclusive access to our private Facebook “Uniquely You Discovery Workshop” group. This is where our workshop will reside and will be made up of moms like you; Career-driven, motivated women who have left their careers to be at home with their kids.  You’ll be in this group to dive deeper into the workbook together, share your struggles, and encourage one another on your journeys at home.

(3)    One-on-one guidance and direction from Gina Whitehouse (creator of Each day you’ll complete a section of the workbook and share your answers in our private, Facebook group. This will keep you accountable to finish the workbook and also get input from Gina.

(4)    You’ll have the opportunity to ask burning questions you may have about starting or running your own business, how to leverage your skills and experiences, and gain feedback on potential business ideas in the Facebook group.

(5)    Based on your interaction and completion of the workbook, Gina will help you narrow down a couple business ideas that you can pursue that are in line with your passion and skills.

Here’s what the women had to say who went through this group in August:

“This journey has helped me understand where I need to begin building my business. Gina’s support has helped streamline my thoughts and actions toward a new me!” –Lindsey P.

“This workbook and group have helped me the most with finding which of my hobbies is my truest passion. I went from three major passions to finding out what weighs heaviest of my heart and what I aim to spend my life working toward.” –Amanda W.

“I would recommend the Uniquely You workbook and workshop to any woman who has chosen to stay at home, but still craves something for herself. Gina has clearly poured her heart into creating this workbook and community. She has played a significant role in helping me define and envision my future. I’m so thankful for discovering this community; it’s been inspiring and has only further ignited my passions and motivation.” –Theresa

Now is the time to discover how to use your gifts, talents, and skills so that you can live your purpose, and bless your family and the community around you.

Registration for this group is currently CLOSED and will open again in January 2017.

If you’d like to be put on the waiting list for this group, please fill out the contact form below and we will let you know when registration is open. Spots are limited! We will contact people that are on the list first before we publically promote this group.

Uniquely You Workshop Wait List

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