Social Influence Founding Round

Hi there “biz”-y mom! Whether you’re in network marketing, coaching, or product creation, I know a few things about you!

  • You are PASSIONATE about your business. 
  • You are heart-centered and seriously into service above selling.  
  • You’re struggling to cut through the chaos on social media and get your message heard in a totally non-spammy way!  
  • You’re EAGER to run your business in a manner that ENHANCES your family life, and honors your faith.  


Right now, you’ve got a product or service to sell that you believe in 100%! You KNOW what you have to offer will improve your clients’ and customers’ lives dramatically! BUT the way you’re promoting ISN’T working.  

You post before-and-afters all the livelong day on your social media, and all that happens is you lose a few more “friends.” You share testimonials, and it's crickets.. In fact, you’re starting to notice that when you call or text, people are slow to reply (if they get back to you at all). . . .or is it just in your imagination?! You’re getting seriously sick of “selling” all the time, but you think that’s the ONLY way to build a profitable biz - you know, the kind that will give you more time with your family.  

Oh yeah, and what you’re doing now is putting strain on them, too. Your husband has mentioned that he’d sure love to see you without the phone in your hand, and your attention always feels scattered when you’re with your kids.  

But imagine THIS instead! You develop a schedule to post valuable content that SERVES your ideal clients. You quit selling and just focus on offering consistent value.  

You learn to re-purpose your content so that your ENTIRE social media strategy takes just an hour a week! And people begin reaching out to YOU! They’re thanking you for that post you shared yesterday . . . and asking if you could give them more information about your service. They’re telling you they NEEDED to read what you wrote last week, that it’s helped them create a breakthrough, and now they want MORE of your time and insight, which they’re HAPPY to pay for!  

When I got STRATEGIC about my SOCIAL impact, both my revenue AND the amount of time I spent with my family increased! 

Wondering if that’s really possible? Here’s how I did it . . .  

I’ve been in business for myself for years now. I’m an residential home designer by training (I earned my college degree in Architecture), which means that one of my greatest skills is the ability to craft simple solutions to complex problems. But when I started out in business, I thought I needed to follow what everyone else was doing i.e. posting about a dozen times a day on various social media channels, then responding to each and every comment (whew, were there some MEAN ones), and collapsing into bed at night totally worn down. I thought “hustling” (don’t you HATE that word??!!!) 24-7 was some sort of badge of honor.  

Sure, I built a successful business, but it came at far too high a cost! My family life was suffering and I felt like a fraud. I DIDN’T adore the “persona” I had created while trying to reach my business goals.  

Over time, I got so focused on the goal that I lost the mission - and my passion for the products and services I sold was waning quickly. Plus, my family was getting more and more frustrated with the amount of time I spent chained to my computer and/or cell phone.  

I knew a had to make a change! So I tapped into my creativity and crafted a social media strategy that would keep my business at the forefront in the main social media channels my ideal clients use (Facebook and Instagram) PLUS free up my time to relax and unwind with my husband and kids.  

It took some adjustment, of course, but over a few months I honed my social strategy into a SCIENCE! I became a total pro at re-purposing content, and a master detective into the wants, needs and desires of my ideal client!  

The result? More money in my bank account + more peace in my household!  


  • Now, you may be thinking that this is just another cookie-cutter social media course that’s going to teach you the same things you could learn for FREE if you just did enough Googling and watched a sufficient number of YouTube videos. Well, you can release those thoughts right now! I’ve curated the BEST of the BEST information on how to grow your social media strategy in a SMART and SOPHISTICATED manner. You don’t have to spend the thousands of dollars that I’ve invested in ELITE one-on-one mentors, nor do you have to put in the hundreds of hours of serving clients like I have to see what works in social media!  
  • But maybe you’re even thinking that it’s SELFISH of you to want to spend money on growing your business. After all, your family has ALREADY been so patient with you as you’ve sat up late night, missed outings with your kids, and even skipped date night with your husband in order to invest more time in your business. Here’s the thing. MONEY is a replenishable resource. TIME is not. So if the money you spend on this course can give you back HOURS and HOURS of your time each week (which it CAN), isn’t that a trade you’d like to make?! Furthermore, I’ve designed this course to maximize your impact and influence so that you can begin attracting your ideal clients in droves! Your business can be a BLESSING to your family - but it does require INVESTING to obtain the skills and tools you need to scale and grow!  
  • Or maybe you already feel completely overwhelmed and you can’t imagine adding one more thing to your already full plate? Well, you’re reading this page for a reason, aren’t you?! Something piqued your interest around creating a social media strategy that would free up your time! Sure, this program requires an upfront investment of time to work through the modules. However, each lesson is specifically designed to GIVE YOU BACK your time and help you cut through all the online chaos! This one small investment can pay you BIG dividends when you commit to doing the work and implementing the social media strategies I’m teaching you!  

SOCIAL INFLUENCE will help you CUT THROUGH the online clutter and reach your ideal clients with ease!

Social Influence is different from other business building courses. With this program, you’ll learn to SERVE before you SELL! Most other online marketing courses are all about what you can GET from your clients. The problem with that approach is that when you’re focused on GETTING, your potential clients and customers can feel that energy. It actually REPELS them.  

I teach you how to focus on SERVING! When you interact with your potential clients and customers with an eye toward how you can HELP them before they ever pay you a penny, they’ll know that you’re genuinely interested in moving them forward. And as you CONSISTENTLY implement the social media strategies I teach in this six-week course, you will build your “know, like and trust” factor with your ideal audience. Before long, they’ll be coming to YOU unsolicited, asking how to sign up for your programs and buy your products, instead of you having to chase them down.  

I knew that any course I created would have to follow the same Biblical principles I live my life by:  

1 Peter 4:10 "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms."  

Proverbs 11: 25 "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed."  

Getting SMART with your Social Influence Can Yield Massive Results in Your Business!

Here’s how the strategies I teach have helped improve my clients’ businesses and family lives:  

"Gina has always shared her knowledge and insightful tips on how to build a business online. She truly cares about each and every person she invests her time in. I am constantly learning tips + tricks about social media through her community." - Amilia Brady  

"Gina has offered a ton of guidance in helping me grow my business, and has been extremely supportive and inspirational throughout the process! She always makes suggestions that carry out my best interests, and has helped me tremendously with thinking 'outside the box'. She leads by example and sees great potential in everyone that she works with. I couldn't imagine taking this business journey without her!" - Jessica Patterson  

"Gina possesses a very unique blend of leadership, faith, and passion for her work. She listens attentively when I am seeking guidance, regarding my career goals and social media marketing. She has continued to provide amazing support and assistance, as she helps me discover my talents and gifts." - Kathy Boyd  

"Gina has to be the most patient and caring coach ever. Every time I start to become scatter brained with a ton of ideas, or an idea that might be too big for me, she is so good at bringing me back to Step 1 and reminds me to reverse engineer my goals and ideas. She’ll remind me to ask myself questions that will determine if it aligns with my vision, the time I have available, and also how it’s going to impact my family. Gina is HUGE on family. She values her family time and always reminds me that family should be my motivator for my business instead of my business being a reason why I’m not spending time with my family. I love asking for her for advice. I feel she always tries to steer me the right way. And sometimes, even if it's advice I'm not too excited to hear, I know it's coming directly from her heart and I welcome it with gratitude. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a coach!" - Toniann Andjujar  

Don’t you think it’s time you built your BUSINESS around the same principles that govern your LIFE? Social Influence will help you keep your values and your faith at the forefront as you grow your profitable business! 

Get EVERYTHING you need to maximize your Social Influence in Six Weeks! 

Each week, you’ll receive a new Module to walk you through key steps in building your social media strategy so you can grow your online business as quickly and efficiently as possible! Here’s the breakdown of the lessons we’ll cover: 

MODULE ONE: Social Media 101 

  • SERVING over selling  
  • Relationship-building {to recruit your key clients and referrals}  
  • Creating VALUABLE + DESIRABLE content  
  • BEST foot forward! How to give out your TOP content for free AND STILL SELL your programs, products and services 
  • ATTRACTING your ideal client  
  • Choosing your top PLATFORMS  

MODULE TWO: Creating and Branding your CORE MESSAGE

  • How to identify your IDEAL CLIENT with precision
  • How to SHOW your ideal client that you are her SOLUTION
  • The Importance of building a CORE message
  • Branding 101
  • Visual Branding Elements (including logos, taglines, colors and fonts)
  • Branding Toolbox - everything you need to create consistent online brand images  

MODULE 3: Consistent Content Creation Strategy 

  • How to WOW with value-packed content 
  • The EIE method for content creation 
  • Ideal Content Flow - learn where all of your content should direct your audience 
  • Easy, breezy, flowing, and FUN content hacks - so your social strategy stays stress-free
  • Creating Content around your CORE message
  • Calls to Action and how to implement them seamlessly 
  • How to Repurpose your Content and Block Your Schedule for maximum efficiency  

MODULE 4: All about Facebook! 

  • How to build a beautifully supportive FB community
  • Create compelling LIVE videos 
  • How to maximize your organic reach on FB
  • What you need to know so that you can create a successful FB ad!
  • How to attract an endless stream of ideal clients into your FB group 
  • Mindset tips to conquer any fears around FB  

MODULE 5: Instagram Influence

  • How to create visually stunning posts
  • How to be the heroine of #hashtags! (Learn the exact hashtag strategy I use to get found on IG) 
  • Relationship-building through Instagram 
  • How to maximize your reach through the Instagram bio 
  • How to craft and profit from IG Stories  

MODULE 6: Connecting with Influencers 

  • How to FIND the influencers who resonate with your brand
  • How to REACH those influencers with your CORE message
  • How to tap into larger networks by leveraging influencers’ connections 
  • How to nab coveted guest blogging spots and conference features 
  • Plus gain access to my Influencer Checklist  

You could have results just like this when you join Social Influence: 

"Gina is an Inspiration to me as a business leader and a work at home mom. She has taught me to see the abilities that I didn’t know I had, and to do things that I didn’t think I could do just because I am a stay at home mom. She has helped me grow as a business leader and also as a more productive mom!" - Gladys Chavez 

"Gina leads her small groups with kindness. Women find it easy to trust and relate to her, because she's honest and gives good information. Through her work, I have gained a inside look at what my life goals are and how to get organized in order to do what I was made to do. Each of us has something valuable to share with the world. Gina is wonderful at inspiring women to go forward and achieve their dreams.” - Natisse Gaida 

"Gina showed me how to improve my social media content on my Facebook business page so that it was more relevant to my target audience and would increase engagement on my page. She also taught me how to define my target audience and gave me more clarity about who my ideal client is so that I can attract the people I want to work with. She has been so helpful and instrumental in growing my business through social media." - Jessica Eiroa

What happens when I enroll in Social Influence?

  • Once you enroll you will receive an email from our team within 48 hours with a questionnaire to fill out so we can learn more about your business. You will also receive the link to join our Facebook group where you’ll have access to Gina and the other group members so you can get the feedback you need. 
  • Each module and the PDF's for the week will be emailed to you on Monday morning throughout the 6-weeks we are working together starting the morning of October 16th when the course begins.  
  • Gina will have open office hours each week where she will answer your questions in the Facebook group!  

Six Weeks To Social Influence!