Rachel Crawford owns two businesses, Teamotions and Heal by Choice, and in this interview she shares with us about the importance of finding support as a mom and choosing to adapt to the circumstances that happen in life.
Here are a couple insightful quotes from the interview:
“Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of wisdom.”
“Our heart is our own responsibility.”
Be blessed as you watch this interview and take to heart what Rachel has to share with us!
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Rachel is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, co-founder of Heal by Choice and Heal by Choice Cruise Retreats, and co-founder and tea creator at Teamotions.

Through Heal by Choice and Heal by Choice Retreat Cruises Rachel teaches others how to choose healing, tend to their hearts, and not just survive but thrive after profound loss, death, tragedy, heartbreak, and personal failure. Her heart-centered approach is unique and integrates tangible tools, practical insights, and personal experience into an effective and down-to-earth method for lasting healing.

Teamotions is a remarkable tea company that has transformed a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience. Their teas for hope and healing use adaptogens and other powerful healing herbs in every blend to offer comfort and support with every sip. Adaptogens are remarkable herbs that are scientifically proven to boost immunity, restore balance and vitality, and improve the body’s response to stress, grief, and trauma. Used daily our award-winning whole-leaf organic teas foster and support emotional healing and well-being in every way and are the perfect accompaniment to your journey through loss to healing.

The inspiration for Heal by Choice and Teamotions came after Rachel’s twin daughters Aubrey and Ellie died in 2008 just a few weeks after they were born. Together with her sister Crystal Tenpenny, they are on a mission to share our message of hope and healing with all who need it. Rachel is living proof that healing is possible with support, compassion, and correct information.

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For more information and to find hope, support, and tools for your healing journey visit Heal by Choice or attend one of Rachel’s Heal by Choice Cruise Retreats to learn how to tend to your heart and foster healing for a lifetime in the beauty and comfort of an all-inclusive cruise.