Welcome to the Paycheck over Passion Checklist!  We put this checklist together for those of you who are stay-at-home moms and have the desire to do fulfilling work at home to contribute to the family income or just to have an outlet to use your skills and talents daily.

With today’s technology, you have the ability to really pursue any kind of work at home job that you like, whether it’s working for a company remotely from home or building your own business. However, because there is so much variety of what can be done and so much opportunity, it’s easy to get stuck working from home doing tasks that just result in a paycheck and not any kind of real fulfillment.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom because you’ve chosen to be at home and raise your kids, then why not do something from home that energizes you, invigorates you, and makes you a better mom and wife in the process?

This checklist will help you determine if what you’re currently doing from home is just bringing in a paycheck, or if you’re truly taking the opportunity to pursue your passion from home by building a business that utilizes your best skills, talents, and God-given abilities.

Here we go… you’re definitely working for just a paycheck and not pursuing your passion at home if:

  • You complain about your work at home job to others or consistently have a negative attitude about it. Nothing is worse than doing a job you don’t like. If your spouse and kids are tired of hearing you talk about your job and whining about it, then you know you’re not passionate about what you’re doing and settling for just a paycheck. The last thing you want is to have your work change your attitude which changes the atmosphere of your home. What comes out of your mouth has a either a positive or negative influence to the people around you. If you’re a happy mom, everyone else around you will be happy and joyful too! You set the tone for your home.
  • You know you could put in more effort but you don’t. Let’s face it. At the end of the day, you’ll work a little harder and put in more hours when you’re working on something you love. If not, you’ll do whatever you can to do the minimum amount of work and then be done. It’s just like when you were a kid doing homework for the class that you dreaded. You did just enough to get yourself a decent grade. When you’re doing work you’re passionate about and not just working for a paycheck, you’ll do above and beyond what needs to be done to make it great.
  • You don’t feel like you’re utilizing your best skills or talents. You know you’re working just for a paycheck and not pursuing your passion if you find it hard to understand what you’re doing, have a difficult time keeping up, and don’t really have the opportunity to offer more to the task at hand. Perhaps your pigeon holed in a certain area of your work if you’re working for someone from home or remotely. As you sit down each day to work, do you feel like the knowledge and skills you have can achieve so much more and are not being utilized? Do you want to do something that will be more aligned to your talents and gifting’s, but you feel that the work you’re doing now is boring or mundane? If this is you, then you’re definitely not utilizing your passions and talents.
  • You don’t feel like you’re making an impact or making a difference in other people’s lives at the scale you desire. Do you dream of doing something that’s going to have an impact beyond yourself where you can reach many people with a message or skill that you have? But, you feel like you’re putting hours towards something right now that doesn’t really make the dent you want it to? If that’s where you’re at then it may be time to brainstorm and look for some other opportunities and methods where you can reach a greater audience of people.
  • You feel like you’re still working for “the man.” Usually when someone references that they are working for “the man” they are referring to working for an organization or a person that either doesn’t appreciate your worth, can be very self-serving, and gives you tasks to do that don’t make any sense at all. It’s definitely possible to feel this way when you’re working from home under an organization or remotely from an office. Technology has given us the amazing ability to work from home for our current or previous employer. However, if you don’t enjoy this, then you definitely need to evaluate whether the current work at home job you have is right for you.
  • You always feel like there must be “more” and that working from home isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. You may be staring at your computer and thinking, “is this it?” You had this dreamy idea that working from home was going to be awesome. Instead, you find that it’s not any different than working in an office except that you get to look at your dirty house, dishes, and everything that needs to be done while trying to work. You may even start to think that you want to go back to work to get away from it all. If this is you, then you are definitely not pursuing your passion in your current work at home job.
  • You feel like you should be enjoying more perks from working from home. Working from home should definitely come with some perks that you don’t get from working in an office as an employee. First, if you’re pursuing your passion at home, you should have the flexibility to work when you want and call your own shots, assuming you are your own boss. If you’re still working for someone else on their clock and absolutely hating it, then you need to evaluate the kind of work you’re doing. Is it time for you to venture out on your own and create a business for yourself that gives you the time flexibility you want, the creative license to pursue your dreams, and the ability to make as much income as you like without an income ceiling? Maybe. It definitely can happen and does exist if you’re willing to jump outside your comfort zone and put an action plan in place to make it a reality.
  • Instead of your work invigorating and energizing you, it drains you. No one wants to feel like the life has been sucked out of them at the end of the day, or even by noon. Ask yourself, do you look forward to getting up every morning to start working? Do you get so excited about the work you do that at night you have a hard time falling asleep because you have so many fun and awesome ideas running through your head? If the answer to both of these is NO, then you need to start brainstorming about what does make you get excited and energized. Do some research and see how you can turn that into a home business.
  • You can’t picture yourself doing this for another 2 years or more. This is a big one! Do you look at what you’re putting your time toward right now and just think that there is no way you can do this for another year, 5 years, or more? Are you just thinking of ways you can get yourself out? If this is you, then you are not pursuing your passion in your work at home job. You want your work to energize and invigorate you. You shouldn’t have that feeling of dread every time you think of work. Instead, you should be excited that you get to use your talents to make an impact and accomplish something.
  • You dream of doing something else, and have a couple ideas of what you want to do, but you don’t know how to act on it. This is a sure-fire indicator that you are grinding for the paycheck and not working toward your passion. It’s okay! This is a great place to be at because it’s what I call your starting place! Write down those ideas on paper. Spend some time researching your ideas to see what’s involved in making it happen. Then, find a couple minutes each day to do something small that will move you toward your goal of working toward your passion.

At the end of the day, you’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom with your kids and support your family for a reason. You’ve been afforded with this awesome opportunity to make an impact on your children, your husband, and the people around you. Why stay stuck putting in hours toward a work at home job that you don’t enjoy and drains you? You don’t need another thing in your life that drains your energy and time.

At YouAreMoreThanMom.com our goal is to inspire you to rise above, step out of your comfort zone a bit, and really follow your dream of pursuing your passion through a work at home job that brings out your best self and blesses those around you.

You have the knowledge, the talents, and the skills to make this a reality. Why not just go for it and start living in a way that fulfills you and impacts the lives of so many people around you?