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Video 1: Be Who God Created You to Be

Presenter | Raema Mauriello, author and speaker at Raema Mauriello

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Raema Mauriello. Raema is a mother of four and works as a staff pastor and project manager at Shoreline Dallas. She is the author of Because Crack is Illegal and The Struggle is Real and her career started as a Navy Journalist and a Search and Rescue Swimmer. She graduated from Liberty University with her Bachelors of Religious Studies, continues to serve in ministry and writes a weekly blog.

Raema encourages us to identify the personality traits God has given us that are unique and to see how we all work together to create a beautiful picture of who God is.

Video 2: Goal Setting God’s Way

Presenter | Gina Whitehouse, creator of YouAreMoreThanMom.com, Business & Health and Fitness Coach

In this video Gina gives you a checklist of questions to ask yourself when you’re setting goals for your future business at home, for yourself, or for your family. We can set goals that will bring us the world’s standard of success, or we can set goals that bless and serve others. Let’s glorify God with our goals instead of ourselves.

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