Welcome to Day 2 of the More Than Mom Summit! I hope you were inspired by yesterday’s videos. Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to two more amazing women: Jenni Schubring and Kelly Russell.

Video 1: Your Family is Your Most Important Ministry

Presenter | Jenni Schubring, Transformation Life Coach

Today we start with words of wisdom from Jenni Schubring as she shares an encouraging reminder that Your Family is Your Most Important Ministry. Jenni shares her story of leaving full time ministry to start a family and the struggle she faced as others viewed her decision to stay home as a waste- which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Jenni Schubring is a beloved daughter of the King which equips her to be a wife, mother, guardian and licensed foster mom. Jenni is also a life coach who focuses on walking with women as they discover, explore and maximize their potential personally, relationally, spiritually and professionally.

Video 2: Going from Barely Surviving to Living with Purpose

Presenter | Kelly Russell, blogger and speaker at Kelly Russell Blog

In an abridged version of her So Long Survival: Going from Barely Surviving to Living with Purpose workshop, Kelly walks us through 4 helpful lists to make to evaluate our lives or businesses. Then she takes us deeper, giving us time and space to dream, discover and define our purpose, so that we can spend our days doing what matters.

Kelly Russell is a mom, wife, writer and speaker. She earned a master’s degree in leadership from Denver Seminary and currently serves on the management team of Mission Church in Ventura, California.

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  • In Kelly’s video she mentioned learning the hard way about keeping her priorities in order. You can learn more about her story by watching her More Than Mom Live Interview (Taming the Tension Between Being a Wife and Mom and Having a Business at Home)or by reading her guest blog post, How I Learned {The Hard Way} To Put First Things First.