Welcome to Part 3 in our 4-part series on How to Manage Your Time as a Stay at Home Mom wanting to Build a Business from Home!

Learning to use the word NO can seem scary, unnatural, and downright intimidating. Let’s be honest, people don’t like to hear it. But, it’s in the English language (and used in pretty much every other language) because it’s necessary. “NO” needs to have a place in your daily vocabulary if you’re going to have any time to begin building a business at home.

I promise that if you commit to looking at the word NO in a positive way and limit the word YES, it will change your life!

I wasn’t able to just turn a switch on and make this change overnight. It has taken years to learn how to have the courage to say NO. I always felt that I was disappointing someone by using the word, but in reality I was just making myself tired with too much to do and too many places to go.

Fast forward 10 years and now I’ve gotten better at saying NO. The fact is that you can’t do everything and be everywhere at once. Supermom doesn’t exist! If you try to make it exist you’ll wear yourself out. True story!!

Realize that when you say NO you are also opening up an opportunity for someone else to step up and use their strengths to help out with the task, event, volunteering… whatever it is you were asked to do. Saying NO to going to an event or party will give you extra rest when you may really need it. Rest is needed to be a good mom and wife and make sure we keep our sanity!

A book that I didn’t mention in the video that I recommend on this topic of saying NO is called Your Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands by Lisa Terkeurst. It’s a great book!

Watch the video! Post a comment below if you have any questions and share your struggle with us! Remember, a polite way to say NO is to say “Thank you so much for thinking of me but I won’t be able to commit to that at this moment.” Don’t feel that you have to give any other explanation. Just leave it at that. Say it enough times and it will fly off your tongue without thinking about it!

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