Welcome to Part 4 in our 4-part series on How to Manage Your Time as a Stay at Home Mom wanting to Build a Business from Home!

I’m just going to warn you now… everything will try to get in the way of you putting time toward your business. Don’t let it surprise you, just be prepared for it.

With that said, there are 4 things that you must consider putting in place to avoid these obstacles! Prepare for it now and you’ll see success later:

  1. Set some work hours and let your family know about them. If you don’t set definate work hours (just like you’re working in an actual office) you’ll be tempted to let your work bleed into your family time. Let’s avoid this at all costs! You should want to be present with them as much as you can.
  2. Be selfish at 5am. Yes, I know it’s hard waking up at that time (watch the video as I discuss how I have managed to pull it off), but waking up early before the rest of your house does gives you some free time to put toward your business and passions without having to sacrifice time during the middle of the day. If you can’t figure out any way to carve out time, this is your best option.
  3. Get big tasks done first. It’s easy to just start with the tasks that take little time. However, the negative thing about this is that you’ll still have that big task that needs to get done looming over your head all day which will create stress. Instead, get that done first and get the easy things done last.
  4. Avoid distractions. Facebook, Instagram, TV, movies… whatever distracts you. Shut it off!

Watch the video to find out how I’ve been able to put each of these 4 principles in place.

I’d love to know which of these 4 is the largest struggle for you. Perhaps we can come up with a solution together. Comment below and let us know!

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