Maybe you’ve worked hard to get to the point where you can be a stay at home mom.

Maybe you recently had a baby, and your husband makes enough to support you all on one salary.

Maybe you didn’t make enough money to cover the outrageous cost of daycare.

Whatever your story, you have something in common with many other women. You were out in the world of adults every day and had some sort of social circle that you could depend on. You had your career and an identity all your own, but once you became a stay at home mom all of those things change.

Your social circle suddenly becomes a baby, a toddler, and the load of laundry that’s been giving you the stink eye all week.

Finding a new social circle, and rebuilding your identity can be tough. Here are five tips to help you transition from business to baby:

Find a group for moms in your area

The great thing about being a mom today is that there are groups for everything on social media. Most cities have large mom groups that you can find through Facebook or These groups will post when meet ups happen, and are great resources for mommy advice when you need it.

Once you join a large mom group you will probably meet someone who can invite you to a smaller, more private group where you can really start to make friends. This is where real solid relationships happen.

Also, look at local groups based on your interests. Churches and fitness centers are a great place to start. Most have groups that meet on set days and times, and many offer free childcare.

Treat finding friends like dating

Really! Finding mom friends and dating are pretty much the same. You will have a few limp fish and probably some good stories by the time you actually find a core group of friends. When you’re dating you have to be outgoing and put yourself out there, otherwise you’re never going to find someone to date.

Just like dating, there are apps you can use that will match you with women in your area based on common interests and location. Check out the MomCo app to meet moms in your area.

Again, it’s just like dating! Think about where you would go to meet a man. Would you take a class at the YMCA? Hit up the farmers market? Go for a stroll at the park? Put yourself in situations where you CAN meet people. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Make time for yourself a priority

When you were working you had time to eat lunch on your own. You could probably sit in silence at some point during the day and just space out. Once you become a stay at home mom your day is full of constant noise and distraction, especially if you have more than one child.

Look at what is important to you in order to keep some of your identity. Do you write? Is it important that you shower and put on makeup each morning? Is exercise your thing? Make these things a PRIORITY! Get up early, stay up a little later, or let the TV babysit for 45 minutes. Do whatever works so that you make time for you.

Set a schedule

One of the best parts of being a stay at home mom is NOT having a schedule, and having freedom to stay home or go out on a whim. However, if you are used to structure all day and every day the freedom you have can feel overwhelming.

If it’s been a week and you realize you haven’t accomplished much, get a large desk calendar and leave it somewhere you see often. Write down the events you hope to attend. List the meals you plan to have each week. Note appointments and important dates. You will feel more in control, and feel that life is a bit more normal.

Give yourself goals and rewards

When you were in the workplace you had set goals and rewards. Whether you received bonuses or an annual review or raise, you had some kind of system to follow and work toward. When you become a stay at home mom it can feel like no one is watching, and nothing you do is worth much.

Find fun goals to set for yourself and have a reward for when you reach them. Goals can be fitness oriented, starting a business, getting certain things done around the house… anything that will make you feel like you’re going above and beyond. Rewards can be anything from a day at the spa to telling your partner that you’re giving yourself an afternoon alone.

Going from business to baby is a big change. However, once you find your village and start to embrace your new circumstance and role as mom, you can be proud of the life that you’ve created for you and your family.

Amanda Hughes is a mom of two with a passion for creating community and acceptance for all moms. Amanda currently runs an online group for moms, and recently started a website aimed at bringing moms of her community together at Manager by college degree and trade, Amanda has recently switched to the roll of stay at home mom and mompreneur. She is enjoying the freedom of life with work instead of life vs. work, and is excited to share her experience in bringing moms together.

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