Taming the Tension Between Being a Mom and Wife and Having a Business at Home

Freelance writer & speak Kelly Russell joins us in this first LIVE interview using Facebook Live where she shares with us how she had to go through a series of eye opening experiences with her family to really set boundaries for her business at home and also decide whether she should pursue a business at home during the current season of motherhood she is in.

How Personal Experiences Can Create a Business

Pediatric sleep specialist Julia Carlson shares how she created her own consulting business out of her experience of enduring sleepless nights after having her children. She also shares how to make authentic connections with people so that you can grow your business and find clients.

What to do When God Put’s a Dream on Your Heart

Author Raema Mauriello shares with you her own struggles having to do with motherhood, pursuing dreams that God has put on her heart, and choosing when to pursue those dreams and why we need to get over the guilt of having dreams while raising children.

Tips for Separating Work and Family

Jennifer Guerin from Over the Moon Diapers shares with us her top tips on how she separates her business and family time so that she is able to give 100% attention to each. She also shares her journey of going from working outside the home as a physical therapist to being at home with her child and how she’s made that work with support and encouragement from other moms.

How Choice Helps Us Adapt to Circumstances

Rachel Crawford owns two businesses, Teamotions and Heal by Choice, and in this interview she shares with us about the importance of finding support as a mom and choosing to adapt to the circumstances that happen in life.

The Importance of Networking & Building Structure into Your Day as a Stay at Home Mom

Wanda Thomas from MadCris Images shares with us how she’s built her photography business from networking and building relationships with people offline and online. She also shares her journey of going from working outside the home to starting her photography business from home. Don’t miss out! Wanda also gives tips on how to build structure in your day as a stay at home mom.

Creating Boundaries with Clients When Working from Home

Denise David from Denise David Drafting shares with us how she creates boundaries with clients as she works from home so that she can separate her work and family life. Denise also shares her journey going from a career-driven woman to a stay at home mom/work at home mom, and how that was impacted when she was laid off from her corporate job. This is a fantastic interview to watch for those of you who had a vision for your career and then that vision was challenged or changed. It will encourage you!

Tips for Building a Business with an Infant or Baby at Home

Ansley Stringer from Blue String Boutique shares with us her top tips for building a business with an infant or baby at home. She also shares her journey of going from a career-driven woman to a stay at home mom and gives her advice on how to transition well! Clear 30 minutes from your day (or listen as you do laundry and wash dishes) as I’m sure you’ll be blessed