Time Tracking Sheet

Use this time tracker to record what you’re doing every 15 minutes so that you can see where you may be wasting time and can rearrange the hours in your day to find time to build your business or carve out time for yourself.

Watch Part 2 of our Time Management series to know how to use this time tracker and find time for yourself as a mom.

Uniquely You Workbook

Are you ready to discover what unique passions & skills you have that you can turn into a home-based business? If so, download this 20-page workbook. You’ll be taken through a series of questions and brainstorming techniques so you can see what skills, talents, and passions you have that can be turned into a business.


My Identity in Christ Scripture List

Do you realize that you are more than mom? Mom is a role that you play, but your identity actually lies in who Christ made you to be. That doesn’t change! Download this list of scripture to hide in your heart that show you who you are in Christ Jesus.

To learn more about your identity in Christ and how that relates to your role as mom, click here to watch our 4-part video series teaching about your Role vs. Your Identity.


Direct Sales Checklist


Are you thinking about starting a business at home by partnering with a Direct Sales company? If so, download grab our Direct Sales Checklist so you know what questions to ask before you sign up! Always make sure to do your due diligence.

Also, visit our Direct Sales Opportunities page to learn about different companies that may be a good fit for you. We provide you with a contact for each company so that you can learn more and be informed.