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Denise David – Denise David Drafting

Denise David from Denise David Drafting shares with us how she creates boundaries with clients as she works from home so that she can separate her work and family life. Denise also shares her journey going from a career-driven woman to a stay at home mom/work at home mom, and how that was impacted when she was laid off from her corporate job. This is a fantastic interview to watch for those of you who had a vision for your career and then that vision was challenged or changed. It will encourage you! Denise David is the owner and operator of Denise David Drafting, an architectural drafting service specializing in residential construction documents, design review board packages, home additions and remodels.  She graduated from California State Polytechnic University at Pomona with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture.  After graduating Denise spent several years as a project manager at a mid-sized architectural firm in Orange County, California. After the birth of her first child in 2007, she went back to work for a short period of time before being laid off early in 2008, during the height of the housing market crash.  It was at this point that she decided to venture out on her own as an independent consultant doing much of the same work she was doing at the firm she worked for.  Deciding to start her own business was in...

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Ansley Stringer – Blue String Boutique

Ansley Stringer from Blue String Boutique shares with us her top tips for building a business with an infant or baby at home. She also shares her journey of going from a career-driven woman to a stay at home mom and gives her advice on how to transition well! Clear 30 minutes from your day (or listen as you do laundry and wash dishes) as I’m sure you’ll be blessed.   Make sure to visit Ansley’s business website on Etsy at   Follow her on Instagram at @bluestringboutique and on Facebook at Ansley Stringer is the owner of Blue String Boutique, along with her husband Zachary. Ansley and her husband Zachary have been married for two and a half years, and have one son, Lucas. They live in Plano, TX and attend Bent Tree Bible Fellowship in Carrollton, TX. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University in December of 2013 with a BBA in Marketing, and worked in sales before settling into the accounting department at a Dallas-based jewelry store.   She left her job as an accountant to stay home after the birth of her son this past February, and has been working on growing her business during that time. She is passionate about creating beautiful pieces, providing exceptional service to customers, and ensuring a positive environment when she’s working....

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Your Degree Doesn’t Define You: 4 Ways to Move Beyond The Guilt of Leaving Your Career to Thrive as a Stay At Home Mom

“What a waste! She wasted 4 years in college and a ton of money only to become a stay at home mom.” Have you ever heard someone say that about you? It’s like a dagger in the heart of a mom who left everything she built in her career to do what she knows is right for herself and her family. Even if finances allow you to stay home and comfortably live on one income, choosing to stay home to raise your kids and leave your professional career is not an easy decision. After many years spent in college...

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Paycheck Over Passion Checklist: 10 Indicators that you’re Working from Home for a Paycheck instead of using your Skills to Pursue your Passion

Welcome to the Paycheck over Passion Checklist!  We put this checklist together for those of you who are stay-at-home moms and have the desire to do fulfilling work at home to contribute to the family income or just to have an outlet to use your skills and talents daily. With today’s technology, you have the ability to really pursue any kind of work at home job that you like, whether it’s working for a company remotely from home or building your own business. However, because there is so much variety of what can be done and so much opportunity,...

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From Stalled to Success: 4 Essential Ingredients to Kickstart your New At Home Business

If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram lately you’ve probably noticed that most stay-at-home moms are trying to build some kind of business from home. If you pay enough attention you may even notice that a majority of these well-meaning friends of yours change up their home business like they change their pair of shoes. It happens quite frequently! This leads me to ask: What’s the reason that many businesses from home flop and don’t really take off? Is it the business itself (meaning the product they’re selling) or does it have to do more with the person who is...

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