If you’ve been on Facebook or Instagram lately you’ve probably noticed that most stay-at-home moms are trying to build some kind of business from home. If you pay enough attention you may even notice that a majority of these well-meaning friends of yours change up their home business like they change their pair of shoes. It happens quite frequently!

This leads me to ask: What’s the reason that many businesses from home flop and don’t really take off?

Is it the business itself (meaning the product they’re selling) or does it have to do more with the person who is behind the product or service?

I’m going to venture and say that it’s the person behind the business. Why? Because you’ll find other people doing the exact same thing or starting a similar business with great success.

Building a business is not easy. For some reason, people think that building a business online should be so much easier than building an actual brick and mortar business. But, at the end of the day they both take work and the same principles to get it off the ground.

So, what then makes a business take off or stall? What is essential to business growth?

I really believe that it has to do with these 4 key factors:

1. Passion. You have to love what you’re doing and be excited in the morning to get up and work. Why build a business from home if you’re not motivated enough to find the time to build it and tell other people about it? If you truly believe in what you have to sell or offer, you won’t be hesitant to get the word out because you’ll be “sharing” what you love rather than “selling” and convincing.

Passion is what fuels and motivates you when things are tough. Passion is what keeps you going when you don’t see the income coming in immediately. It’s what keeps you “grinding” when you feel like giving up.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you passionate enough about the business idea you have?

Do you have enough passion about your current business or business idea to get you up at 5am to work before your kids get up so you can have focused time to build your business?

Are you so passionate about your business that you’ll tell people about it even when it may make you look a little crazy?

Do you have enough passion that it overrides your fear of failure and of what others may think of you?

If so, then you have the first essential factor that you need for business growth.

2. Self-motivation. With all of the challenges that come as a mom building a business from home, no one is going to make you do it but yourself! #TruthBomb.

You absolutely have to be driven and self-motivated. It’s not an option. You can’t depend on anyone else to motivate you. Not your spouse, your kids, your upline sponsor (if you are part of a network marketing company), not the bank or family member who loaned you money, not even your accountability partner. It’s got to be you!

Have you ever heard the saying that you must have a WHY that makes you CRY? You’re WHY is the reason you’re starting your business. If it’s not big enough, you’ll quit when things get tough and don’t go your way.

Your WHY is what gets you out of bed when you’re tired.

You’re WHY is what motivates you to cut out TV and other distractions (like Pinterest) and motivates you to work after your kids go to bed.

You’re WHY will make you cry if you don’t achieve your goals.

So, ask yourself this:

What is my WHY?

Am I self-motivated, self-disciplined (or motivated enough to learn to gain better self-discipline skills), and driven enough to grind to get my business off the ground?

If not, you’ll never see it take flight.

3. Focus and Consistency. Think about a business that you like to frequent often. Maybe it’s a coffee shop or restaurant. They have something you need and you need it often. How do you think business would be for that business owner if they decided to stay home and not open their shop on days they didn’t feel like working?

Would you feel a little confused when you went to the coffee shop in the early morning to grab your nonfat latte and the place was closed when it says it should be open?

Now, think about how that would be if it happened ALL THE TIME!

That business owner would not see growth. People would stop going. She wouldn’t make any kind of steady profit.

This is how most people run their business (especially an online business). They aren’t consistent enough to see it grow because they either let their emotions, bad habits, or horrible time management skills keep them from actually sitting down and building their business.

No one takes a business seriously when it looks like it’s closed all the time. That’s how it looks (especially on social media) when you aren’t consistently reaching out to new customers/clients and giving value to those who are following you.

The ability to be single-focused on growing is essential to get your business off the ground.

Many people will quit right before they really catch momentum because they may not see the results of all of their hard work. So, they begin to slack. But, in reality, momentum builds over time. It builds through the crickets. It builds when you don’t have anyone knocking at your door. Until one day people start to take notice because they’ve seen enough of you and think “I need her service.”

Consistency keeps you on people’s minds!

And, remember… as I wrote earlier, many moms’ change businesses like they change shoes. It’s hard to be taken seriously because this happens all the time. Stay consistent and have longevity and people will respect you for that!

Ask yourself this to see if you lack focus and consistency:

Are there days that you don’t open your computer because you’re too tired or don’t feel like working? If that’s the case, go back to your WHY and make sure it’s strong enough. You may also want to consider your own health and see if you need to improve what you’re eating and start to exercise so that you have more energy.

Do you feel that time management is your biggest struggle? If so, watch our 4-part time management series to gain some tips on how to find time in your day to work on your business.

Are you working your business in response to the circumstances around you? For example, your best friend calls to do a playdate and you drop everything you had planned to do because you’d rather be doing that. That’s one more day lost on the progress you could have made! (Tip: Get up at 5 am and you won’t have worry about unexpected circumstances. You’ll already have your work done!)

Do you have a schedule that you adhere to? Are you using any of the great online tools and apps to keep you on task? One tool I love right now is www.trello.com. You can create boards to create the ultimate to-do list! Check it out. I also use my phone calendar. You may also want to consider getting a day planner if you like using pen and paper.

Remember that consistency and focus is the key to long term growth.

4. You need to solve a problem. Lastly, you need to solve a problem for someone. People need to have a reason to purchase your product or service. If there isn’t a demand for it, people are not going to buy it.

Think about this: What is the #1 thing that people come to you about? What are they consistently asking you about? Maybe it’s about how to eat healthier or how you were able to save money to go on that vacation to Hawaii. Perhaps people want to know how you keep your house so clean (don’t we all wish!) or how you can actually get to places on time with 4 kids. Whatever it is, that can be turned into some kind of business.

It could be a business where you sell your “how-to” video series on how to plan your meals for a family of 5 each week, or a business where you invent some kind of tool that helps your child learn how to read faster.

You just need to find a problem and solve it. It may be a problem that is already solved, but perhaps you can solve it faster, quicker, or in a more personal way that the other person is doing.

If you don’t have a business yet and want to find out what to do, go back to the question just asked and see what people are consistently coming to you about.

If you have a product or service you sell and you don’t have people coming to you, ask yourself these questions:

What makes my product or services different than others who sell a similar product?

If you are currently partnered with a network marketing company, how are you making yourself different than the other 400,000 people who sell the same product? What kind of customer service are you providing? What makes one person decide to purchase or work with you over the other 399,999 people? When you’re selling the same product as others, you are really selling yourself instead of the product. What is going to make someone choose to work with you?

Have I spent enough time researching what my target audience wants? Try asking your friends for real and honest reviews of what you are offering. Get their feedback. Work with a couple people for free so that you can tweak what you’re offering and make it better.

Is what I’m selling being sold to an audience that is too broad? If you try to sell to EVERYONE you will sell to NO ONE. Take some time to figure out a specific product or service that you can offer to a specific group of people who need it. You want them to say: “Wow, there is nothing out there for us. Thank you.”

I hope this has given you some areas to look at in your business that bring to light a couple things you can do better to really get your business off the ground.

Some last words… Don’t give up! Stay consistent. Find a need and solve it! And, make sure that your passion and reason for doing your business is great enough to keep you going through the slow times. Have patience and it will all come together!


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