Whether you’re already partnered with a direct sales company or you’re considering it, there are 4 mindset shifts that I want to share with you today that will produce growth in your business and keep you from getting stuck.

I’ve had the pleasure of being partnered with a direct sales company now for almost 5 years. Not only have I seen growth in my sales but I’ve also been able to grow a team of outstanding individuals who I call friends.

What’s been interesting is that as my team has grown I’ve seen people fall into 2 categories: Those who have a realistic and positive mindset and those who do not. People who are realistic and positive succeed. Those who are negative and aren’t willing to look at their home business as an actual business never get off the ground.

So, before you commit to partnering with a direct sales company, I want to share with you the mindset that makes people successful.

I bet you can think of at least 2-3 of your mom friends who have a direct selling business. If you don’t know what direct sales is, you may have also heard of it referred to as an network marketing business, multi-level marketing, or MLM.

You probably have a couple friends that involved in a direct sales business. You’ll know it because you’ll most likely see them post information about their products on social media. Or, perhaps you’ve been invited to an in-home party or online party.

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “This is fun and it can make me some extra money! I’ve been looking for something I can do from home.” This is true. But, you’ll only see growth in your business if you keep your mind “in check” and realize that it will take work and it will take time to grow.

Some of you may already have a partnership with a direct selling company. I believe direct sales can give you an incredible opportunity to have a business from home and earn an income that has no income ceiling. It’s your own business, so you truly have the opportunity to earn significant income.

Most women who partner with a direct selling company hit a couple road blocks when they start that really keep them from moving forward. This is why 90% of people who sign up as a distributor fail.

I’m sure you’ve seen it happen! Your best friend was selling makeup. She quit after 3 months and then decided to sell candles. She quit that and moved onto selling clothing. It makes you ask: Why don’t people last in these businesses?

Every business will hit road blocks. Business is FULL of them! It doesn’t matter if you own a coffee shop down the street or an online print shop. You’ll always need to find ways to bring in new customers and get the word out about what you’re offering.

Here are 4 mindset shifts that you must have to succeed:

First, you must get over the stigma of being part of an “MLM” or what people like to call a “pyramid scheme.” You are not part of a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when you are required to sign up people and you don’t have any real product to sell.

Click here to read an article from the FTC about what makes a business an illegal pyramid scheme.

You’ll have people who will automatically tell you that you’re part of a scam. Don’t listen to them. Most likely you’re not (see that article above about a pyramid scheme). They will tell you that you won’t succeed. They will also tell you that only the people at the top will always make more money than you. This isn’t true. In a legal direct sales business, you have the opportunity to make the same amount of money or more than the person you signed up with. It’s just going to depend on how hard you work. It’s just like any other business…

Your friends and family will categorize you as “one of them”… one of those people who got “dooped” into selling. And, guess what? They’ll be waiting for you to fail so that you can prove them right! Don’t let this get you down. Be positive and press on. Stop listening to what other people say and start pursuing the business you’re passionate about.

Second, you’re a business owner and not an employee. I have people contact me all the time asking to be “hired.” I kindly remind them that direct sales is not about being an employee. You’re working for yourself and your success depends on you! Even though you are partnered with a company selling their products, you have absolute control on how you market your business, who you work with, and how much income you’ll earn within their compensation plan. You’re not working for a boss. So, it’s your responsibility to see your business grow and earn an income.

Don’t get caught in the “employee” mindset. An employee says…

I’m going wait until my boss gives me direction and gives me something to do.

I’m only going to do the work that is required of me.

My success depends on what my boss tells me to do and how well they train me.

You don’t have a boss. You ARE the boss. So, get to it. Get working. And, get out there to build your client list! No one is going to hand it to you. Decide in your mind today that you are the CEO and take control!

Third, realize that you will not have a large amount of people flocking to you when you come out and say that you’re now a distributor, consultant (whatever you want to call it) for _________ company. Fill in the blank!

You won’t have a long list of people that want to purchase right away. And, that’s okay!

If you change your mindset and realize that people will not be waiting in line for your product, then you’re ready to sit down and put an action plan together of how you’re going to reach your ideal client and get them to purchase your product. Every business needs a marketing plan… even your direct sales business!

Please don’t think that making sales just happen. They don’t. Even if your product is the best thing on the planet and you know it will help so many people, you still have to put in the work to build relationships with people who are your potential customers.

Realize that businesses take time to grow. You won’t be making a million dollars (or maybe even one thousand dollars) in your first month. In my business I made $300 the first month and I considered that a success! Then, I made it a goal to increase my income by $100 each month until it started to exponentially grow. This can happen to you too, but you have to remember that just like any business, a direct sales business also takes time to build.

Choose to be realistic and instead take action! Don’t give up after 2 months and blame it on the company or your upline. It isn’t their fault. You just have the wrong mindset.

Fourth, get ready to hear a lot of NO’s! If you go into your business prepared to hear many people tell you NO, then you won’t get discouraged when it happens and quit.

About eighty to ninety percent of the people you invite to try your product will say NO. So, instead of dwelling on the NO’s, keep looking for those YES’s. A YES is always around the corner if you’re talking to enough people.

Determine right now to find creative ways to meet new people. Social media is an awesome resource for this! You have an unlimited amount of people to meet and it’s also really easy to get in touch with new referrals from current clients. Your business can’t be built on just your friends and family alone. Real businesses are always on the hunt for new clients. Without new people, businesses don’t grow.

Treat your business like a business and be prepared to go out there get those NO’s and meet new people!

Lastly, realize that this can be an absolutely rewarding business for you to have from home. You get to make your own schedule, be home for your kids when they need you, and put your hard earned skills to work! Go into it with a positive mindset and you can’t lose. Show up every day, work hard, and you’ll see success.

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Gina Whitehouse is the creator of YouAreMoreThanMom.com. Gina lives in southern California with her husband and two children. Gina works from home as a health and fitness coach and as a business coach for stay-at-home moms who want to start a business from home using their God-given talents, skills, and passions. You can visit Gina’s website at www.ginawhitehouse.com and find out more about her by clicking here.

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